Epoxy Crack Injection

Kulin Group are experts in epoxy injection for Perth and regional industrial business. Cracking of concrete elements can have a severe effect on the integrity and ongoing service life of a structure if left unattended for a period of time. The cracking of concrete can not only have an immediate impact upon the load bearing capabilities, and therefore the performance of the structure, but prolonged exposure to the service environment and elements can also cause deterioration of the concrete matrix and corrosion activity in the reinforcement steel that may result in concrete cancer and spalling.

Kulin Group is able to provide specific solutions to all manner of concrete cracking through partnerships with leading edge injection resin manufacturers throughout the world. Client requirements can be determined on a project by project basis with the most effective and efficient repair methodology being selected through direct consultation with the product manufacturer to the satisfaction of all involved.

For quality solutions for epoxy crack injection in Perth contact Kulin Group today.