Structural Concrete Repair

Kulin Group are specialists in structural concrete repair for Perth, Darwin and regional industrial and commercial businesses.

The durability and integrity of concrete can be compromised for a variety of reasons and this may have a detrimental effect on its structural capabilities. Dependent upon service conditions and environmental exposure “concrete cancer” and spalling due to reinforcement bar corrosion may be active. This may result in the necessity to carry out repair to concrete elements to reinstate its structural integrity. Depending upon final requirements and system design, it may also be possible to install a suitable cathodic protection system to a structure with a minimum of disruption or downtime to normal operations.

The repair work generally involves breaking out the deteriorated concrete, refurbishment or replacement of the steel reinforcement and reinstatement of the repair mortar to match the original profile. In some instances there is also a need for additional protection such as the installation of cathodic protection or the application of a protective coating. Kulin Groups multi disciplined workforce can carry out detailed repair works to all types concrete soffits and facades using a variety of quality mortar products and techniques to dramatically increase the service life of any structure.

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